[NEWBIE] In nanny reading files like background

From: Luke Waite (lwaite2000@home.com)
Date: 12/10/00

I am trying to add another thing like background in the menu, like
background at first i just used a bunch of "SEND_TO_Q" but it was soo
long it just went off the page and you couldn't read the top. Then i
tried to do it like background and just read a file. that didn't work i
musta missed a refrence or something. so if u can tell me how to add
some breaks that would say press any key to continue in the "SEND_TO_Q"
part, or all the places i need to refrence the file that would be
great.  At this point I don't care which.  Thanks alot

Endon-- (u think i asked enough dumb questions yet -- LOL :) )
(PS If you get this twice sorry -- my dumb internet froze up and i
waited for a while to see if i got a sent confirmation. never got one)

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