Re: [NEWBIE] In nanny reading files like background

From: Ben C (
Date: 12/10/00

>so if u can tell me how to add
>some breaks that would say press any key to continue in the "SEND_TO_Q"

Put the entire text in one big string, and use the page_string()
function.  As in:

   char *info =
   "Blah blah blah.\r\n"
   "Blah Blah.\r\n";

   page_string(d, info, 0);

>or all the places i need to refrence the file that would be
>great.  At this point I don't care which.  Thanks alot

   grep "background" *.[ch]

Or if you're using Windows: Start, Find, Files or Folders,
and do a search in your src directory for all files containing
the text "background".

--Ben C

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