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From: Alex Mann (
Date: 12/12/00


I am trying to move the class choice to within the game. I have set up a
default class, called adventurer, which i set all new players to in the
Interpreter.c stuff during char creation.
I then wrote a number of SPECIAL progs for joining each guild. this is a
sample of one of these:

room_vnum load_room;
   if (CMD_IS("join"))
     send_to_char("You have already joined a guild, and can not join
another.\r\n", ch);

/* Resets the players stats to thier chosen guilds */
  set_title(ch, NULL);
  load_room = 3072;
  sprintf(buf, "%s has joined the %d guild", GET_NAME(ch), GET_CLASS(ch));
    mudlog(buf, BRF, MAX(LVL_IMMORT, GET_INVIS_LEV(ch)), TRUE);

  GET_HIT(ch) = GET_MAX_HIT(ch);
  GET_MANA(ch) = GET_MAX_MANA(ch);
  GET_MOVE(ch) = GET_MAX_MOVE(ch);

    send_to_char("A large looking warrior strides up and grabs you\r\n",
    send_to_char("by the arm.\r\n", ch);

    send_to_char("He then proceeds to lead you deep into the warriors\r\n",
    send_to_char("guild, you enter a room, and notice that sat in the\r\n",
    send_to_char("center is an old assassin.\r\n", ch);

    send_to_char("He begins the ritual of the assassins, your
initiation\r\n", ch);
    send_to_char("to assassination.\r\n", ch);

    send_to_char("When the old man seems satisfied, you are lead back out
to\r\n", ch);
    send_to_char("the front of the guild.\r\n", ch);

    send_to_char("You have now joined the Assassins Guild.\r\n", ch);
return (0);

I have rerolled the players stats, reset the players title, hit move and
mana points, and changed thier class to the relevant class using
GET_CLASS(ch) = CLASS_<Class name>


For some completely wierd reason, my joni guild warrior spec prog set the
players, skills, title, and abils to the warrior settings, but sets the
class abbr and name to Thief.  So in who and stat the player looks like they
are a thief, but with the stats and skills and abils, of a warrior. Most

Any ideas from anyone who has done this themselves.


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