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Date: 12/13/00

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From: Alex Mann <alex4501@HOTMAIL.COM>
>Ok , it now seems as if all the guild prog are setting the names wrong, the
>warriors are coming up as thieves, witches as assassins, and clerics as
>hunters, etc. Is it likely to be an order problem, within something like
>parse_class or the class Abbrs, I have never had any trouble setting
>before, so this one seems a little wierd.
>A list of possibilities:
>1) Spec progs run differently to ACMD's and GET_CLASS(ch) = may not work.


>2) The parse class and abbr may be listed wrong.

iirc class abbrev is never set, it is just a lookup based on the chars

>3) Is there a way of forcably setting the abbr and class name from withing
>the spec procs. As this seems to be the only problem with it.

The way to set a character's class from within the code is:
GET_CLASS(ch) = CLASS_xxx   which you have done correctly. I suspect
the problem is with your #defined CLASS_xxx constants. double check
that they are defined as the correct numbers.

Also you say that setting a chars class to warrior results in actually
them into a thief.  How do the class numbers for thief and warrior relate
to each other and is that consistant for all of your mis-assignments?
Finding the pattern may provide you a clue as to the problem.

Also I just had another thought. Did you perchance make your new
CLASS_ADVENTURER  class number 0? and if you did, did you
change the constant arrays in constants.c to reflect your new class
numbering system?  just an idea.

Off Topic:
You should practice the art of selective quoting, especially when
following up your own posts. I believe there is something about
that in the mailing list guidelines.

Russ Brown

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