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From: Zeavon (
Date: 12/19/00

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Josh Auger wrote:

> Hey. . .I've only monitored this list for a while but
> I have a quick question.  Why is it that only six
> directions are implemented in circle?  I believe it
> would be more realistic to have the other map points
> as well.  (ne se nw sw)  Is there any specific reason
> for this or was it just never thought of?

Circle is (and has been for many years) in a state of "bug repair mode."
This means no new features will be added. Adding more than just the
basic cardinal directions (plus up and down) would be considered a new

There's also the fact that not everyone likes the extra 4 directions. I
personally won't play on a mud that has the extra directions because
rarely can you ever go "n e sw" and end up where you started and that
makes mapping near impossible, which makes playing more difficult than it
should be.

One final issue is that adding the extra directions to the mud is not that
hard. Someone that is unable and/or unwilling to put in the effort of
adding four directions to the game should consider stepping away from the
code and remaining a player.

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