Re: [CODE] Directions

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/19/00

Josh Auger wrote:
> Hey. . .I've only monitored this list for a while but
> I have a quick question.  Why is it that only six
> directions are implemented in circle?  I believe it
> would be more realistic to have the other map points
> as well.  (ne se nw sw)  Is there any specific reason
> for this or was it just never thought of?

I tend t o think that the reason for this might lie in the fact that it
is a few degrees more difficult to add these directions than just the
basic four.  The main reason is that you have to account for two
possible different ways of typing the direction out (northeast or ne for
example).   All is not lost, however, there is a very good (well, I'm a
bit prejudiced) snippet for adding the additional directions available

Regards, Peter

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