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From: Del (
Date: 12/19/00

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> Josh Auger wrote:
> >
> > Hey. . .I've only monitored this list for a while but
> > I have a quick question.  Why is it that only six
> > directions are implemented in circle?  I believe it
> > would be more realistic to have the other map points
> > as well.  (ne se nw sw)  Is there any specific reason
> > for this or was it just never thought of?
> I tend t o think that the reason for this might lie in the fact that it
> is a few degrees more difficult to add these directions than just the
> basic four.  The main reason is that you have to account for two
> possible different ways of typing the direction out (northeast or ne for
> example).   All is not lost, however, there is a very good (well, I'm a
> bit prejudiced) snippet for adding the additional directions available
> here...

The snippet is actually decent enough, and with some slight
modifications it slips
right in. Zmud already is designed for those directions (I don't know
about other
mud clients). I think they would be a great addition to the basic code.
of directions, I also think the scan command should be a part of it. So
you can
atleast venture a look around to see whats in the rooms.
My guess for reasons of not adding them, is to make the code (as is)
more stable
without adding anything. The downfall to that is that it is not
expanding per
the demand. There are many many snippets, codes, etc out there that
would make
a great addition to the base code.

So, George and Alex, any hints on the next BPL release? or even the next
Haven't heard anything for a while and was curious.

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