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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/19/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         Mostly though, I want everything easy to do.  I don't want to have
> to go to a file to change the motd,

There's a tedit snippet that will allow you to edit MOTD and other files
from inside the MUD.

> or have to depend on long and easy to
> mistype commands for setting player stats.

That's what aliases are for.

>  I don't want to have to run a
> script each day to clear out old rent files, or clean the player file, or
> purge deleted characters from the house control file.

Agreed, I solved this problem by doing two things, (1) I set up another
option in the autorun script so it will automatically run the
maintenance script then restart the MUD if the file .maintenance exists
when the MUD terminates.  (2) I rigged the MUD to automatically touch
the .maintenance file and then die at a fisxed time each night.  I
believe I discussed this a while back on the list so if you search
through the archives you can probably find how I did that.

>         Then I also want more player interaction with my game - I want
> player buildings - made by players, not some immortal in charge of houses.

I think it would be fairly easy to modify OLC to allow for this.

> I want clan wars,

Hrmmm, that would seem to be an implementation detail, it can be easy or
hard depending on just what you want to do.

> and boats that take 3 or more people to operate.

Yeah, that's a neat idea, should be easily accomplished via DG Scripts
or Spec Procs.


> a (slightly) more robust internal code base.  Circle is great, but there
> are still alot of tricks that need to be performed for relatively common
> events, like extracting a character (try extracting a char from a
> spec_proc, or in the middle of a fight),

Didn't try it, but I would imagine that "kill <player>" would probably
do the trick.  At any rate, it would be a relativcely simple matter to
write a command to do this.

> or a main-distribution-level
> scripting language (not that dg scripts is bad, just that it's still very
> much an add-on.

Yeah, DG Scripts could use a lot of improvement, the least of which
would be to bring it up to date for the latest versions of Oasis and

> Aside from taht, I want a common way to look at all objects - i want my
> rooms to talk,

Heh, this would be a trip, easiest way to accomplish is to put in a mob
to talk for the room.

> my objects to walk and fight, and my mobs to unlock chests
> and be worn on my head.   I want to be able to wield a mug of beer, even
> though it's a drink.  Then I'll wear it on my head too (or 'about body').
Heh, oooooookay, imagining, "Stop right there or I'll douse you with my
beer!", or maybe, "sstooOoN rIigHhHT thEReh or I'lL dOooUhuhhuhsSssE
yOooUh WItHhh My BEer!"

>         I also want a reasonable way to keep track of bugs, and advertise
> new features - to builders, players, admin and coders.
You mean there's a better way than my handy pocket electronic
organizer?  ;)

>   as a builder, I want to see more tools; I want to have my building be
> easy. One click

We're talking about a text-based game here, clicking has no way of
entering into the equation unless you want to write your own front end.
CircleMUD is not even aware, nor does it care, that a mouse even exists.

> automatic mob/obj/room settings (maybe based on level,
> etc).

Did that for mobs and objs so far, still have rooms and shops, etc. in
the works for a rewrite.  How about easily accessible help from within
the OLC editor that can give you help on any given menu item?  Or even
an oedit that knows what the different extra value fields are for the
different object types and customizes the menu based on object type,
I've done both of those things but believe me, it's not an easy task to
rewrite the *edit commands in such a manner.


>         Heck, I want a drag and drop interface

Again, this is a text based game.

> to equipping mobs - I've
> heard of a mud where you actually put a room in zcmd mode, put it like you
> want it (ie, load the mob, force him to wear eq, etc) and then later do a
> bit of scripting to determine some of the possiblities.  Then you release
> it, and that's what you see..what you get.

That is ceartainly an interesting idea.

>         I also want more options, ways to differentate my zones from
> everyone elses that doesn't revolve around bigger, better, badder.  I want
> mazes, and traps, and secret doors, and altering descriptions,

This is all easily done with stock CircleMUD.

> and mobs
> that have combat styles,

There's a good idea.


> and other ways to make mobs identical to
> players, so they'll be a challenge.

You mean balancing or?...

> I want to be able to make towns of
> people, not towns with 3 people and 12 shop keepers, and no sense of
> 'town'.  Hell, even nintendo games had random, non-plot related people
> wandering around their final fantasy (one)-style towns.  I want a sense of
> world, not a desert that takes the same number of steps to cross as the
> run from temple to your guild.

Again, all this can be done with stock CircleMUD.


>         No, most of these are not viable.

I tend to disagree, most are quite viable, a good portion are things I
have already done in my own MUD.

> It's a pick and choose sort of
> thing.

Depends on how you look at it, you can't have a great MUD without great
dreams and I tend to think that those people that fall into the trap of
trying to limit thier thinking to what's viable end up being the ones
who do not have new and innovative MUDs.  I have always subscribed to
the idea that nothing is impossible codewise, if you can dream up the
idea it is possible to code it.  What limits you is the level of
difficulty in coding it, so it really boils down to a balance of how
important do you feel that a particular feature is to your game and how
difficult it is to code it.  I have coded a number of features into my
MUD that I had previously thought would be next to impossible to do.
What usually made it possible was a brainstorm that allowed me to think
of a different way of coding it than I had originally intended, for a
good example see one of my recent posts about coding in a way to rent
mudmails (search the archives, it'll be there somewhere).

Regards, Peter

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