Re: CircleMUD Direction (Was: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] Directions)

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 12/20/00

A lot of players say to me how much they think CircleMUD sucks, but the fact
is if i used a "complete out of the box" mud, my mud would be boring as
hell. I have doubled the source code on my mud in the last two years. I know
the code "reasonably" well and I have a lot of original stuff coded in, my
mud is very original and this is what is important to me, i like a
work-in-progress mud. As well as the fact that players get something new to
toy with every second week. Mud codebases should be skeletal, it allows us
to create a mud much more like we'd like it and much more creatively. I
don't know if this contributes much to the conversation, but i wanted to say
my piece.

Creator/Head Coder of Star Trek: First Contact MUD
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