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Date: 12/20/00

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> The downfall to that is that it is not expanding per the demand. There
> are many many snippets, codes, etc out there that would make a great
> addition to the base code.
CircleMUD is not expanding because we want it to be a _simple_ _base_
code.  CircleMUD is intended to be a bug-free (or as close as possible)
code base that you can build on and expand on.  If you want something
with all of the snippets and whatnot in it, then go with Smaug or ROT.
I (personally) quite prefer 6 directions (4 cardinal, up/down), and as
such, I have not added extra ones to my own mud (VieMud), nor will I.
I like the fact that CircleMUD has a very basic command/skill set.  If
you want to add more, it really isn't all that difficult to do so.  Not
only that, but it allows you to learn the layout of the code and how it
all interacts all that more quickly.

> So, George and Alex, any hints on the next BPL release? or even the
> next version?
BPLs first.  We have a number of bugs to clear out still.  They're being
worked on slowly.  Very slowly.  It's a slow process, especially when
you're short on time (George has exams right now, Jeremy's fairly busy
with his work, and I've just spent the last 3 weeks moving mail archives
over to Cambot from post and reorganizing them).  However, we want to make
certain that we 'do it right', not make it flashy and whatnot.

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