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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/24/00

        Well, if anyones curious, I've got the first version of an offline
editor ready to go, and rolled out the door in time for christmas (Which
was my personal goal).

        I've ftped it to the circle site, but it's also accessable at

        The gist of it is: m/s/o/r/z- edit, written in MSVC, using a
decent amount of standard C++ STL, and the source is included.  I'll put a
few more features in as time goes on - there's a list - but it's actually
usable now for stock circle.  Course, since the source is there, and it is
just c++, you can modify it for your game too.

        The code itself is licensed under GPL, so make sure you read the
rules about it if you are going to re-distribute it.  It was a pain to
write it without access to circle code, but it was eventually managed.

        Any comments, etc are welcome, except regarding the quality of the
web page. I'm not a web page developer, and I just grabbed someone elses
page that was similar and edited it to my own end :)

        Sides, it's 7 am, and i'm tired and want to go to sleep. Took
longer to write the licening info and readme than I thought.


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