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From: Surgeon (
Date: 12/24/00

I recently hand patched the attached patch into my circle30bpl17,
change of course the occurance to exp_to_level -> level_exp, etc.
However I am having some problems with the following,
When you are a mage, it is not possible to list the spells/skills of a
cleric/warrior while in a room flagged GUILD_CLERIC ->
Also, while warrior -> you cannot list cleric spells in room flagged
GUILD_CLERIC, aswell, if you are are cleric, you cannot list your
warrior skills in rooms flagged GUILD_WARRIOR, and if you are a thief,
you cannot list your warrior skills in rooms flagged ROOM_WARRIOR or
list your cleric spells if room is flagged GUILD_CLERIC.  All other
instances do work though. ie: cleric in room flagged GUILD_MAGE,
typing prac: will then list your spells for your level_mage, etc.
This one is really getting under my skin,

I believe it's a problem in the special (guild) not to mention I can't
even prac, gain in some ROOMS, or perhaps a problem. with list_skills.

Anyone with any idea, I've attached the patch aswell.
                       ^ list would not allow me, so the patch is at:


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