Re: NEWBIE : Starting Eq

From: David Karlgren (
Date: 12/25/00

> I would like to adjust the starting eq for players.  Currently, new players
> are buck naked and defensless.  I've been able to set, adjust, and generally
> play with the code at will but I have not been able to track down the info I
> need to do this.  I am running 3.0 bpl17 on a Win98 machine.  It should be
> obvious but...


Not sure how to add the eq, but if you wanna add items to new player's
inventory, here's how I did it on my MUD:

In src/class.c, in function void do_start(), I added the following line to the
very end of function:

obj_to_char(read_object(102, VIRTUAL), ch);

102 is the vnum of the object (in this case, a dagger). I'm not a coder and I'm
sure there are lots of better ways to do this, but it worked perfectly for me
with bpl17.

// David Karlgren

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