Re: Offline editor.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/26/00

        If you didn't read other messages, I've put out the first (v0.2)
version of a circlemud world editor.  Now I'm working on getting
it..well.. working better.

        I've got two problems off hand:

1) Jason Lewis noted that deletion of a zone command in windows NT 4
(unknown SP level) causes a crash.  I don't currently have an NT4 machine
to test on, or the know-how to necessarily fix 95/98 & NT
incompatibilities.  If someone could take a gander..

2)      Was about to work on a single interface for bitvectors and other
constant-type arrays;  I figured out how to represent arbitrairy naming
and values internally and how to display them. (Arbitrairy naming so in
the future, the formats of the objects/etc can be represented in a
correctly abstracted way)

        That's actually easy, some map of <name of array, class
encapsulating anything you'd want to do with constants> and i'm nearly
done with an automatically resizing dialog window.

        The part I'm questioning though is how to write the configuration
file.  Right now I'm torn between two types:  c-style or markup-style


name_of_array = {                       name_of_array2 = {
  "entry 1",                              {"entry 1",1},
  "entry 2",            or                {"entry 2",2},
  "entry 3"                               {"entry 3",4}
}                                       }

                etc .. automatic numbering/formatting actually of
associated values (ie, entry 0 = position 0 = bitvector val 1), but with
this you can override if you need to. Don't know if it's necessary...


  "entry 1"
  "entry 2"                                     etc
  "entry 3"

        I'm not worried about _this_ particular example - I'll have an
online editor for these values eventually.  However, I would like to have
a common configuration file format, and since I eventually want to get
this to a nice state where it can be quickly enough modified to fit any
reasonable file format without code alteration.  It'd be nice to just have
to grab one relatively small config file and have it work for any
single given circle-derived or related mud.

        I know we've had discussion on this topic before, but I want to
bring it up again.

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