Re: Offline editor.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/26/00

> Patrick Dughi wrote:
> >
> >         The part I'm questioning though is how to write the configuration
> > file.  Right now I'm torn between two types:  c-style or markup-style

        I've gotten alot of suggestions as to how to make up a
configuration file, and while they are all very interesting in their own
aspects, i think i've got one..


         cut & paste from code  vs. confusion the similarities cause
        nothing exciting, same as lisp (see below)
        same as markup, only easier parsing and automatic paren lineups
        because it looks like perl ? (since it's just an appareance, not
an actual perl data structure, i'm not sure what i'd gain from this -
though it does get me thinking)

        But the winner is; windows ini style.

        Why? Because windows already has the library to easily parse
ini-type files. I'm lazy.

        Lemme write up a decent description of the forseen required for a
scripting language to describe the formats of files, and the interface
itself (perhaps two languages is a better way to say it).  Then you guys
can poke holes in that.  Probably going to take a day or 3 to figure that
out though, if ever.


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