Im in need of a coder.

From: Aaron Crabtree (pheobus2@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 12/26/00

Alright. I am in dire need of a good coder. I have recently re-started a
mud, and I need of a good coder.The mud was orgignaly started around 92
(some time around there.) Then, a couple years later, some things happened,
and the mud changed hands. The orginal code got posted online as ConMud.(Im
sure you all have heard of it.) Then, the code we presntly have is a copy
of the original code before it was posted. The mud went to sleep for some
time, and I got talking to a friend, and we brung it back up two days ago.
I already have near 20 or so players, and I am in need of a coder. Email me
at if interested.

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