From: George Greer (
Date: 12/26/00

I'm busy coding on the mudreg.cgi script right now, so anyone wanting
feature should speak up very soon.  Currently, this is what I'm doing:

1) Testing every single entry to make sure they're up.  If not, they get
marked 'inactive' which keeps the entry but removes all services for it.

2) Any new entries added with a hostname start off active but new entries
with an IP address start off inactive.  This is to prevent abuse for those
people thinking we're a replacement for,, or and
their services.

3) E-mail stuff, probably to notify me that I need to go approve someone.

4) Possibly MX/NS record support, but unless people _really_ want it, I'll
work on the developer site replacement later tonight instead. (Currently,
if you need an MX record, you can use a CNAME to an A record with one.)

Since this is a CVS thing, you won't be able to see the changes until I
finish.  In the meantime, the interface is down because I changed some of
the flag values in the SQL databse.

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