Re: CircleMUD.Net

From: Leonardo Herrera (
Date: 12/28/00

Zeavon wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, George Greer wrote:
> > I could just have the script read the greeting and search for
> > CircleMUD.  Everyone is supposed to have that in there anyway.
> That's not always reliable. Most people put the required text up front,
> but it does not have to be there. It just has to be part of the login
> sequence, which means that it can be placed after the username/password
> prompts or just before the menu (or even as part of the menu) that you use
> to enter the game.

Anyone have more specific points to this? I used to think that we should not to
remove the "based on Diku" message from the greeting... I'm not sure anymore.

Leonardo Herrera

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