Re: i have a question of morals

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/28/00

> i put down in my credits that some of the look and feel was copyed from
> the no longer existant sojourn.
> is this imoral of me to do .... or is the fact that i mention where i
> got some of the ideas... please tel me what you think

        Sounds perfectly fine to me, on a 'cosmic justice' sort of level.
In a way, Sojourn lives on - doing the creators justice, and it helps you,
and your players.  As long as no one complains, I'd say that you're
justified using any interface, even one exactly identical to a now-defunct

        Of course, my idea of cosmic justice is probably a bit vauge :)

        You don't want to know what's 'just' for tailgaters.


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