i have a question of morals

From: Brandon Allen (bamud@lanpartypdx.net)
Date: 12/28/00

back a long time ago there was a mud called sojourn. me and alott of
my friends played this mud. the imms on the mud could not stop fighting
about the direction the mud was going to go. so they tore it down and
copyed it so now there were 2 running at difrent sites. when these
eventualy went down as well. no there is no longer a sojourn.

in my mud i have used most of the unique ideas of theres to make my mud
look like theres as far as the look and feel as i found it was affective and
we all were use to it. i am not recreateing any actual content as in no mobs
items zones maps or anythign like that. just astetic's. i have none of there
code and i put it all togother by hand.

i put down in my credits that some of the look and feel was copyed from the
longer existant sojourn.

is this imoral of me to do .... or is the fact that i mention where i got
of the ideas... please tel me what you think

Brandon Allen -- BAmud Coder

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