Re: Fleeing Past Guild Guards

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 12/28/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         Don't you mean "guild and flee" - as per the red apple, etc
> examples?  Aside from that, guards are - of course - simply spec procs.

   Thanks for the correction on the usage of the archives.  I have
gotten used to the web search engines, and forgotten other ways of doing
things.  I've also noted I typed too much on that last post, and that
maybe it required a [Newbie] flag on the subject line.  Let me try this
again, less talk, more basic newbie question.

   Was just wondering why the guild guard blocks the way if the
player/mob flees due to having wimpy set, but if a character uses the
flee command, the guard doesn't do his job.  In stock, the wimpy setting
call do_flee, so why the difference?


 Lord Kyu 

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