Fleeing Past Guild Guards

From: Lord Kyu (Sythrel@Adelphia.net)
Date: 12/27/00

   I thought this was fixed awhile back, but upon a player fighting in
the room, it was noted mobs can't flee past the guild guards, but
players can, regardless if they belong to the guild or not.

   I searched through the archives quickly, and immediately getting side
tracked on other ways to deal with this issue.  Some were definitely
worth taking into consideration.  Like putting two guards per guild,
having one stationary, and having the other one hunt, or kill anyone who
was within the guild bar, or masters room that didn't belong there.

   Also, I noticed the usual +guild +flee search on the archive site
doesn't work as I hoped.  Just a side note I guess.  Anyhow, I guess
what I am looking for is to report this as a bug, find a solution for
the current problem, and hear other ideas about people have enforced
guild security.

   I'm planning on doing a lot of player killing in my realm, but I
would like for guilds to be a safe haven, without setting it peaceful.
I want the chance of guild raids, and death inside a guild, but it
should be rare.  Also, I'm left with trying to encourage a "brotherhood"
type feeling among members of the same guild.  So thieves respect other
thieves when inside the guild areas, and won't steal, kill, etc...


 Lord Kyu 

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