Re: Fleeing Past Guild Guards

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/27/00

>    Also, I noticed the usual +guild +flee search on the archive site
> doesn't work as I hoped.  Just a side note I guess.  Anyhow, I guess
> what I am looking for is to report this as a bug, find a solution for
> the current problem, and hear other ideas about people have enforced
> guild security.
        Don't you mean "guild and flee" - as per the red apple, etc
examples?  Aside from that, guards are - of course - simply spec procs.
They respond to two things;

        1) a command typed in the room by a player
        2) a timed trigger at set intervals.

        So, you'll need to either modify the flee command so it's executed
as a command (I did this on muds, people got mad because if they were in
wait-state limbo, their input did not dequeue... ie, they did not
auto-flee in time..they died. I thought it was accurate and funny), or
some other solution - like customizing the flee command to know which
rooms it cannot flee into.

        If you make it a real command, then just modify your guard spec
procs to perform the correct action upon flee.


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