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From: George Greer (
Date: 12/27/00

After fighting with Perl (and C) over network sockets to MUDs I decided not
to do a string check but just look for anything listening. I couldn't get
the program to 100% determine the difference between waiting at a prompt
and simply nothing at the other end even when using various combinations of
alarms and non-blocking reads. (i.e., do 100 non-blocking reads mean there
isn't any more information or that it's just being slow?) So here's the
preliminary run (in chronological order) on the checker:

Timeout: illearth (0)
Refused: lordmud (0)
OK: timetraveller
Timeout: krynn (0)
Refused: towers (0)
Refused: garden (0)
Timeout: sphere (0)
OK: spear
Refused: losttowers (0)
Unresolvable: darkness (0)
OK: aftermath
Timeout: explorer (0)
Timeout: abysmal (0)
OK: dreamscapes
OK: addict
Unresolvable: gatewaymud (0)
Refused: underdark (0)
Unresolvable: mirrors (0)
OK: betrayal
Refused: danathara (0)
Refused: lod (0)
Refused: shadow (0)
OK: none-6
OK: none-5
OK: wormhole
OK: allanthya
OK: none-2
Unresolvable: none-1 (0)
Unresolvable: none-7 (0)
OK: none-8
Unresolvable: none-9 (0)
OK: none-10
OK: midkemia
Timeout: torbinmud (0)
Refused: dark (0)
OK: qmud
Refused: avalon (0)
Refused: aberrant (0)
Unresolvable: alyssum (0)
Unresolvable: shameless (0)
Unresolvable: dragon (0)
Refused: nlh (0)
OK: imagica
OK: badlands
OK: kore
Refused: toryn (0)
Timeout: startrek (0)
OK: hollow
OK: augmud
OK: chaos
OK: hrealms
Refused: betos (0)
Refused: omega (0)
Unresolvable: eternal (0)
Refused: ravagedlands (0)
OK: asritya
OK: tempus
OK: shannara
Timeout: lightning (0)
Refused: starwars (0)
OK: lbm
Refused: rotts (0)
Timeout: thirdage (0)
Refused: ins (0)
Timeout: inferno (0)
Timeout: nirvanamud (0)
OK: brutus
Timeout: morgaelin (0)
Refused: darkseasons (0)
Refused: cod (0)
OK: pathologicus
Timeout: chaosmud (0)
OK: slashfang
Unresolvable: realms (0)
OK: dragonlords
OK: euridia
Refused: unnamed (0)
OK: skeeve
Refused: nirvana (0)
Unresolvable: talos (0)
OK: aaezure
OK: mute
OK: dominia
OK: rooksmud
Refused: realmz (0)
Refused: evelation (0)
OK: cybermud
Timeout: apollomud (0)
OK: ageoflegends
OK: fantasy
Refused: elitemud (0)
OK: insanity
Unresolvable: unexplored (0)
OK: rhudin
Timeout: 5th (0)
OK: urath
OK: exiled
Unresolvable: bliss (0)
Refused: tencendor (0)
OK: yam
Unresolvable: realitybytez (0)
Refused: frealms (0)
OK: sunshine
Timeout: anarchy (0)
Timeout: special (0)
Refused: mephisto (0)
Refused: shadowmud (0)
Refused: abba (0)
Refused: eternity (0)
OK: empires
OK: daggerfall
OK: illusion
Timeout: operationoverlord (0)
OK: sidalicia
Refused: shattered (0)
Refused: cog (0)
Refused: dragons (0)
OK: cruelworld
Timeout: builder (0)
Refused: arcanum (0)
Refused: gizmo (0)
OK: irmud
Refused: darkrealms (0)
Refused: darkforces (0)
Refused: timevortex (0)
OK: hexonyx
Refused: odessymud (0)
OK: rots
Refused: splitasunder (0)
OK: delvia
Unresolvable: fatemud (0)
OK: temperedweaves
Timeout: omen (0)
Timeout: stream (0)
OK: perp
OK: abh
OK: spectrum
OK: lord
OK: timetrap
Refused: jorizem (0)
OK: phoenix

14 days consecutive downtimes and it goes inactive.
28 days consecutive downtimes and it gets removed.

Apparently the list was long overdue for some weeding out.

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