Re: need help with a object boot error concerning dgscripts

From: Chris Joyce (cjoyce@PROMARKUSA.COM)
Date: 12/27/00

I just recently added dgscripts to my mud which features olc 2.0 and lots of
other code enchancements.  When the game is reading the zone files and
trying to equip mobs with objects, for every object I get a

SYSERR: EQUIP: Obj is in_room when equip.  which comes from the handler.c
file in equip_char called from db.c in the zone loading function under the
case of E - for equiping mobs.  I get this error everytime, and the
equipment does load, but loads on the ground and you can get's ghost
eq almost.  It shows up on where and stat etc, but you can't see it when you
type look.  Has anybody had this problem before??  Any help would be more
than appreciated.

Thanks much.

Chris J.

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