Re: CircleMUD.Net Auto-checker

From: George Greer (
Date: 12/28/00

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, mordist wrote:

>Uhm, why not just save a backup of the list when something is going to be
>removed...kind of like the way the gdb logs are saved in the
>autorun...maybe make it by date instead of number tho. Like, if the
>script is run once a day you could do "12-27-00.backup"...and if you
>notice anything going wrong you can just mv the backup into the
>working(current) version. This way you can get everything you want 1)
>auto-magic deleting of outdated links and 2) security for your poor
>paranoid soul :)

It's all stuffed into an SQL table of MySQL.  While I could just make a
copy of that file, I'm lazy, and would rather it just not happen in the
first place.  Besides, I don't have access to restart the MySQL server in
the event I would need that replaced. I could have used:

        mysqldump -u username -p circlehosts -t > backup

but then I'd have to deal with importing the stuff gone and errors and
whatnot. Nice reminder though, I could have.

I'd rather completely prevent the problem than be really fast at fixing it,

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