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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 12/28/00

Finally, a non-code specific topic I can get involved in!
I just hope Alex will let this one pass, since we were
all involved in a similar discussion about code-stealing
not so long ago.

I don't feel that using someone else's idea for your own
purposes are wrong, however, using the result of someone
else's hard work is.
For instance, everyone knows Mr. Ford created the assembly
line, which is used in manufacturing all across the world.
No one blames the modern manufacturers for using this idea
to make their own facilities and processes more industrious,
however if they had stolen the equipment Mr. Ford used to
create his assembly lines, they would have been prosecuted
according to law.
I am sure that Mr. Ford spent a good deal of time refining
his process, but as long as nothing left his factory save
ideas, no one can be blamed for stealing his assembly lines.

What a world it would be, if a person could not use another's
ideas for themselves. Imagine trying to figure out how to fill
your tank with gasoline, while at the same time, attempting to
be totally original when going about it. Our whole lives are
based on "borrowing" ideas from other people, and using them to
further the enrichment of our world.

Now that I've waxed philosophical, I'll go back to bed :-)

Just in case Alex doesn't agree with this line of discussion,
here is my 'About Circle' contribution:

Ob Circle: (did I do that right?!?)
I was about to release a snippet on manually adding spec_procs
dynamically. Basically, I created a command that uses ASSIGNMOB
to assign various (determined by user) spec_procs to any MOB
in the game.
After giving it some thought, I realized it wouldn't be much use
to anyone if the stupid thing doesn't save during reboots/crashes,
so I was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions on how
to force circle to keep these assignments, without the need for
hard-coding each individual assignment.
Note, I am not asking for code, only a general suggestion, or maybe
a pointer to some code where this sort of thing has been done before.

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