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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/26/00

George Greer wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Dec 2000, Peter Ajamian wrote:
> >George Greer wrote:
> >>
> >> I'm busy coding on the mudreg.cgi script right now, so anyone wanting
> >> feature should speak up very soon.  Currently, this is what I'm doing:
> >
> >How about * entries?
> See point #4, which you snipped.
> >> 4) Possibly MX/NS record support, but unless people _really_ want it,
> >> I'll work on the developer site replacement later tonight
> >> instead. (Currently, if you need an MX record, you can use a CNAME to
> >> an A record with one.)
I saw that, I'm referring to simple * entries, such as the following...

rhudin                  IN A
*.rhudin                IN A

Of Course I'd like MX/NS entries as well, but I was just asking about
the type of entry discussed before that you failed to mention.

> I'd still rather give '' a make-over.  It needs it
> more than sub-domains, I believe.

Well, I'd like to see the sub-domains flexibility improved, but it's
entirely up to you.  I'm only giving my wish-list and ideas.

Another quick question...

> 1) Testing every single entry to make sure they're up.  If not, they get
> marked 'inactive' which keeps the entry but removes all services for it.

What qualifies as "up"?  Does it have to return a ping, or does it have
to have a MUD running on it, or ?

Regards, Peter

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