A perfect example of morality

From: Surgeon (webremedies@home.com)
Date: 12/28/00

Guess what, a user named Deonyx logs in, exclaiming to me he has seen my
mud on another server, as a coder who has experienced 2 rippers, towhich
only one was granted access to server rights.
The other one however a.k.a "Yaksha", aswell "Ledbelly", logged into the
server, executing a quick and sweet: tar cvf beenripped.tar
Server logs were maintained, but no trace of Yaksha was ever seened,
until approx. 3 months ago he logged onto an IRC channel I was trying to
get going "#circlemud" - dalnet.  Exclaiming my code is good, and fun to
toy with, I automatically remembered. =]
If anyone wants to see the perfect example of clueless kids ripping
code, due to the fact they do not possess even the slightest clue of
coding and or the ability to read a bloody book, please login to:
wintermute.legions.org (4001) - My place, which has undergone
modifications since the time of it's ripping off the wintermute server.
Then take a brief look at: chicago.funcity.org (4000)
only thing is if you login to the server, and execute the command:
The moron forgot to wipe my mud's name...
Now personally to me I don't see his place as 4 months of originality
lost, because at the time he ripped it, it had been in the works for
approximately 4 months, now, however it's been 7, and I still view my
work now, as nothing but a waste down the drain.
 Might anyone know any steps in order for me to combat the such?
 - And or anyone on the list affiliated with funcity.org?


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