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From: Alex (
Date: 12/28/00

> I was just wonderin why CircleMUD doesn't just incorporate DGscripts or
> something similar as a primary scripting language instead of using
> SPEC_PROC?  Has the idea ever even come up or just to much work for small
> returns?
It's come up on occasion, but there are several reasons for not doing
something like that (in our minds at least):
* CircleMUD is intended to be a bug-free (or as close as possible) _base_
  mud code.  (the word 'base' is underlined since that is vital to
  understanding the CM philosophy)
* CircleMUD is in a debugging phase right now, and we don't want to get
  featuritus before getting a 'final' version out.  We want to get rid of
  that 'beta' word attached to 3.0

To get back to the 'base' word, that means a stripped down, simple,
elegant, and easy to expand on system.  We intend CircleMUD to be a simple
base mud code with no extra frills or otherwise.  (Ever noticed the lack
of races, even though races are easy to add?)

One of the best parts about the CircleMUD community is the plethora of
addons, snippets, patches, and so forth that the _user_ community has
donated to the community.  If you want a scripting language, then by all
means investigate the various things out there (ie, mobprogs, DGscripts,
etc), and see if they meet your requirements.  If not, take one of those
and expand upon it.

The more choices that we give the end administrator, the better of they
are in the long run, since the game is going to be what they want and have
designed, not the box that we have designed and trapped them in.

If you want a fully featured mud code to start with, try Smaug or Rot, or
something similar.


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