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From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 12/28/00

> * CircleMUD is intended to be a bug-free (or as close as possible)
> * CircleMUD is in a debugging phase right now, and we don't want to get
> One of the best parts about the CircleMUD community is the plethora of
> addons, snippets, patches, and so forth that the _user_ community has
> donated to the community.  If you want a scripting language, then by all

The problem with this is there is so many modified codes out there that
people can't put out a straight patch-in to the CircleMUD base, almost any
patch you put in (unless extreme care was taken by the creator) will come
up with .rej files even when patched agianst an unmodified version..
By either 1) making a patch that goes cleanly into an unmodified CirlceMUD
or 2) adding it from the begining it would solve alot of headaches (at
times..  other times you're just screwed like me cause your CircleMUD is
already majorly modified..)
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> means investigate the various things out there (ie, mobprogs, DGscripts,
> etc), and see if they meet your requirements.  If not, take one of those
> and expand upon it.

The problem with this is even if you are a proficient coder everyone has
their limitations,  I have coded a couple things completely on my own for
CircleMUD and it wasn't a pretty experiance.  Alot of times you have to
take a previous patch or snippet and then try to modify it to your own
needs (also not a pretty experiance..)
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> The more choices that we give the end administrator, the better of they
> are in the long run, since the game is going to be what they want and
> designed, not the box that we have designed and trapped them in.

Good point though 8-P
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> If you want a fully featured mud code to start with, try Smaug or Rot,

Um NO! 8-P  I like my CircleMUD just a little to much to go and do
something like that..  not only that it's not the 18 race and 12 classes
that I'm looking for.  I just believe that some kind of detailed scripting
would be a more sutable replacement for SPECIAL_PROCS...

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       you can't be promoted." --Unknown
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