Re: C++ Lib needed (I think)

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 12/28/00

George wrote:
> If you compile both C and C++ objects then the final linking should be
> done with g++, not gcc. I'd stick with just using g++ for consistency
> but you seem to want to try the mix-n-match approach.

What's wrong with mix-n-match? :P
Anyways, I have no idea how to assign g++ to the final linking.
I can edit Makefile to use g++ exclusively, as the compiler of course,
however my MUD won't compile with g++ without mondo errors popping up.
I read and re-read Makefile, and also did some searching on Yahoo, but
nothing so far has given me a clue as how to accomplish this.

Thanks for the help so far :-)

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