Slightly off topic, yet perhaps relevant.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/29/00

        Seen recently on a slashdot post, a site which reviews free
online books. That is, actual books, plural and literally - 300+ pages
most of em - not your 3 page 'language_x_ in 24 hours' check list, like
I've seen before.  Of course, each book being reviewed has a link to where
you can download the actual book, but you probably figured that out.

        (science math and computing subject list )

        I offer it here because it has actual books on programming which
some of the list members may wish to peruse.  While there are no
'straight' C books, there are a few regarding C++, Java, Linux
administration, CVS, Perl, CGI, compiler & parsing techniques, and even
web publishing - all of which could come in handy to a CircleMUD

        They've even got the purple wizard book (Structure and
Interpretation of Computer Programs, for you nonreligious heathens) in a
downloadable form.



        I'm interested in bringing up the discussion about the 'next'
major circlemud release potentially being in C++, especially after hearing
that there were not a slew of issues left to resolve.

        I want to hear from the Source[1], what is planned for the future
of Circle - and also that which is not planned but what the
afforementioned Source(s) would like to have.  I already have seen what
the CircleMUD community has had to say, perhaps I missed the actual list.

        It'd be nice to whip the whole system into a sort of
linux-kernel-development-type shape; maintainers issue a request for
something to be done, someone (else perhaps) does it, and the source
maintainers control what is actually added, and what is sent back for

1 - Source, as in the offical statment from Jeremey, George, or Alex.

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