Re: Re : [CIRCLE] World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/29/00

> >I want changes in my editors/mud to update in real time. If I
> >remove a zone in my editor, I want to remove it in the mud. If I change
> >the stats on object #32, i want the mud object #32 to change right then
> >and there.
> >
> If you are creating an OFFline editor isn't the idea of changing on
> the fly defeating the purpose of being offline?  If you change the
> stats on object #32 and immediately they are changed in the mud,
> wouldn't that be an ONline editor?  Or am I missing something?
        In our small world, online editors mean "an editor interface you
access via the mud".  Which means we have to limit ourself to a text
interface, somewhere in the 24x80 screen size.  Online editors mean,
roughly, Oasis or Obuild (or some derivation of the same).

        Technically, an offline editor that also connects to a mud and
updates things in real time could be called an online editor - however to
do so would only confuse people, and serve no purpose.  I'm a simple
person, and I usually don't bother with semantics without a good reason.
Confusing people isn't a good reason.

        So, it's an offline editor, optionally with real time updating.


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