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Date: 12/29/00

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> Hope this helps.  If not, I recommend Ditel/Ditel's "C: How to
> Program" as a very indepth, yet learning & course oriented
> textbook for the c language.  I still use it myself from time to
> time - though mostly for terminology ;)

I would also suggest the classic, "The C Programming Language", by
Kernigan and Ritchie. It was my first reference and the textbook for
my first high school programming seminar back in '91 (taught by the
infamous Matt D. Welsh). There is, I believe, at least a second
edition out now (Pretence-Hall). As a companion for the beginner, try
also "The C Answer Book", by Clovis L. Tondo and Scott E. Gimpel (also
Pretence-Hall). It was published after my C skills were honed so I
can't say first-hand, but I've heard many say it makes the K&R more
intelligeable for newbies.

OB Circle:

"Introduction" code has been mentioned on this list repeatedly in the
past. I know of at least one project under development to bring a
patch or snippet for this addition to an up-to-date revision of
Circle. The down-side, as I see it, is that it's being written to
require ASCII player files. This was to get around the restriction of
fixed-length records in binary player files if I remember correctly.

Would it not make more sense to use a separate file, similar to the
player alias files? Most of the storage and retrieval code is already
written that way and can be copied with minor modifications. Some has
even been modularized or objectified to an extent. I'm planning on
incorporating something similar into my MUD in the near future, though
it will take fame and racial differences into account, incorporate
memory limitations based on intelligence and a few other perks...

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