Re: World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Scott C. Davis (
Date: 12/29/00

>In our small world, online editors mean "an editor interface you
>access via the mud". Which means we have to limit ourself to a text
>interface, somewhere in the 24x80 screen size. Online editors mean,
>roughly, Oasis or Obuild (or some derivation of the same).
>Technically, an offline editor that also connects to a mud and
>updates things in real time could be called an online editor - however to
>do so would only confuse people, and serve no purpose. I'm a simple
>person, and I usually don't bother with semantics without a good reason.
>Confusing people isn't a good reason.
>So, it's an offline editor, optionally with real time updating.

ahhh...scuse me...I'm kinda new here and I was envisioning an offline
editor as one that worked while you were NOT connected to the
mud...hence the title offline...I am a simple person and the idea of
an offline editor that is actually online while you are using it threw online editor with a GUI, now that I get.  Forgive my
ignorance of the lingo, but reckless misuse of proper semantics can
confuse as easily as misunderstood ones.

Either way I see what you are doing now and it does create an
interesting problem.  Thanks for the clarification of on vs. offline


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