Buffer Problem, I know there's been tons =]

From: Surgeon (webremedies@home.com)
Date: 12/29/00

I run circle30bpl17, dgscripts 7a, oasisolc 2,
just recently I noticed a problem, now I don't
know whether or not this pertains to stock circle
but when writing to the boards, either with
lines after lines, or tons of white spaces between
lines, a builder of mine noticed it, after
pasting it to the zmud editor and then pushing enter,
but I'm guessing it's all possible line by line.
Anyways, she goes down...The following brief analyst

void write_to_q(const char *txt, struct txt_q *queue, int aliased)
  struct txt_block *newt;

  CREATE(newt, struct txt_block, 1);
  newt->text = str_dup(txt);       <- one problem area gdb spits out
                                        when looking at core.

        t->history_pos = 0;

    if (!failed_subst)
      write_to_q(tmp, &t->input, 0); <- another problem line

    /* find the end of this line */

    while (ISNEWL(*nl_pos))
(Both of the above being from comm.c the following being from utils.c)
/* Create a duplicate of a string */
char *str_dup(const char *source)
  char *new_z;

  CREATE(new_z, char, (strlen(source) + 1));
  return (strcpy(new_z, source));

* I apologize for the length,
might anyone have run into the same problem?

Bill Zaparanuik

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