Re: World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/29/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         I want an offline editor that will allow you to login to a mud,
> download the world files (and update currently downloaded ones if they've
> changed), and then upload the 'fixed' copies back again.
Hrmmm, sounds like a lot of overhead on the MUD server.  You could use
FTP but that would require giving FTP access to all the builders
(something I wouldn't even consider doing).

I would suggest writing a separate server which the offline editor
(client) can interface to on its own port.  You can then control access
to world files, or even individual rooms, mobs, etc on a per-user basis
and implement all the locking controls you want plus you wouldn't have
to worry about bogging down the CM server.

Regards, Peter

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