Re: World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/29/00

> Ftp-Telnet-World Builder-That updates the mud in real time whilst doing your
> laundry and feeding your kids *snicker*

        Cept it wouldn't do FTP - it'd pass the relevant data to the
circlemud and request that it include that data into the system in the say
way changes made with oasis or other systems are included.

        This wouldn't be done with an ftp-type setup, you need never worry
about filesystem issues.  Just a 'here's a bunch of _x_ info coming',
where x is shop, room, etc.  This would also be how the mud would relay
information back - as data, not seperate files which then have to be
parsed, corrected for unix/windows differences (if applicable), etc.

        As for telnet, it doesn't do that at all.  I had thought that a
simple, non interactive message system from the mud to all connected
clients would be a nice touch - ie, "System is shutting down, you will be
unable to syncronize for a few minutes", and also so I can have
transaction logging on the client side (mainly for debugging).  This will
probably just be a brief UDP send - not even TCP/IP, much less a full
blown telnet compatible link.

        Just a world builder that has the optionally has the ability to
connect to a mud and update it.  This is only about World building,
nothing else.  I'm trying to make this as a side-by-side replacement for
Oasis, so a person could use either or, and both 'work' the same, though
I think a GUI has the potential edge for user-friendly behavior. When I
made a list in my mind about why I wanted to make a circlemud editor in
the first place, I realized it was because of the failures of previous
builders to achive more than say 20% of the functionality or ease of use
of Oasis.  I see the major failures of other world builders as the

        - No source code
                so.. Not very extendable
        - Only does rooms (or mobs, or etc)
        - requires builder to then send the world files to an admin with
shell access to insert into the game, and then a reboot is required.

        So far, I'm 2 out of 3, for my personal goals.  The last is a big
one, and will require a patch to the server itself.  That's fine, it's
something I think alot of people will use, so it's worth the work.

        So, you got the builder part right, the rest is wrong.


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