CODE: INFO: Embedded Web Server for CircleMUD

From: Steve Moret (
Date: 12/30/00

I've seen a lot of people complain about getting Who2HTML working, as well
as wanting ways of getting the status of the MUD via a web browser and
figured why can't the MUD just be a HTTP server as well?

Anyway I'm working on a patch/add-on that does simple HTTP/1.0 serving of
content from files or folders from in the lib/ directory, or customized
output from functions in CircleMUD. If anybody is interested in working with
me on this project I would be happy to set them up with write-able CVS
access and also help them integrate it into their MUD. While I don't think
its ready for release yet (right now it doesn't serve content, just gets and
parses HTTP/1.0 requests), I think by the end of January it would be
reasonable to have a near-beta release.

If anybody is interested in contributing to this project (either with great
ideas for it's use or implementation, or with your knack at coding) I'd be
happy to have you help out.

Steve Moret

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