Re: World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Scott Davis (
Date: 12/30/00

>        I'm really actually astonished that anyone would come up with this
>idea, unless they've spent no time thinking about it, or had no experience
>programming.  Not to offend - it just seems like this was a suggestion
>designed to cause the most number of possible problems.  It's like saying
>Oasis should just use shell commands to manually edit the files, and be
>smart enough to know which commands it has access to (dos/*nix, etc).
I can see that this thread is going nowhere fast

No offense taken...I've been coding professionally now for about 10
years (mostly in RPG in case you were wondering) and have seen many
people take a very simple situation and attempt to make it overly
complicated when the answer to the question is sitting in front of
them screaming at them.  As if they need to complicate matters to
impress their peers or exacerbate some absent bravado within
themselves.  Not to offend either, but the solution seems to present
itself, and not in as complicated a manner as you are making it out to
be.  Again unless I am misunderstanding exactly what it is you are
trying to accomplish or you are misunderstanding exactly what it is I
am proposing.   So I'll just forget about it.

I hope however that you can come up with your solution (and I'm sure
you will) because it seems like a very interesting project.  Good luck
and happy coding.


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