[OT] I was thinking...

From: Treker (treker@positron.net)
Date: 12/30/00

I was thinking about starting a Dungeons and Dragon game on this list, as
sort of a side-conversation/topic.  I know it has nothing to do with the
list purpose, but as a place for Circle enthusiasts to gather and discuss
everything from coding, building, playing, to new ideas, etc., I thought
this place would be a powerhouse of creative roleplaying minds.

With that in mind, how many people would be interested in starting an
online, e-mail D&D third edition game from scratch on this list?  We could
keep it separate by assigning it a specific subject line, like [D&D], so
that no one need be bothered with our tales if they're not interested.  I
think it'd be a great way to broaden list participation...  Either that, or
starting a separate group/list for D&D roleplaying.

Anyone interested?

Sorry for the nuisance of an off-topic message,

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