Re: [OT] I was thinking...

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 12/31/00

On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Treker wrote:

> With that in mind, how many people would be interested in starting an
> online, e-mail D&D third edition game from scratch on this list?

No.  This list isn't for that purpose.  There are other lists, newsgroups,
and resources specifically for D&D and playing D&D online.  I encourage
you (and others) to use those resources to the fullest; many are quite
good and useful.  But playing a game is not an appropriate thing to do on
a CircleMUD list that goes to upwards of 350 people.


There are places in CircleMUD that use 'errno' mistakingly for socket
errors under WinSock.  The following might be better:

#define SOCKPERR(m) log("SYSERR: %s: Winsock error #%d", (m), WSAGetLastError())
#define SOCKERR     WSAGetLastError()
#define SOCKPERR(m) perror(m)
#define SOCKERR     errno

and then track down uses of 'errno' or perror() for socket errors and use
SOCKERR and SOCKPERR instead.  This can be used to clean-up quite a bit of
the code in comm.c.


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