Re: Thoughts on PjD's Offline World Editor

From: Scott Davis (
Date: 12/31/00

>[1] On the issue of semantics--and I'm not going to say much here about it
>    because it's a stupid topic--PjD was not semantically incorrect in his
>    use of offline editor.  The editor application is, indeed, offline and
>    operates primarily offline.  The ability to synchronize through the
>    Internet does not an online editor make.  Doesn't Word allow you to
>    save files to a remote location that may be over the Internet?  Is
>    Word then an online word processor?  No.  Stop being silly.

Correct...I got it now.  I completely misunderstood what PjD was
saying in the first message and that's why I asked the question.  When
he said that he wanted his changes to be made from within his editor
in real time I thought that he meant "as we were editing them" - so I
had the vision in my head of someone sitting there running his editor
basically editing the mud as they would if they were using Oasis or
whatever flavor OLC you have but with his GUI.  That's why it puzzled
me that he was calling it an offline editor.  But I see it now, and
thanks to both of you guys for straightening that one out for me.

I apologize for asking dumb questions and sounding snooty...I'll learn
this MUD stuff, eventually.

And since I have nothing substantive to add to the thread I'll quit
it.  Hope you guys figure it out.  Sounds cool.


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