Re: [CIRCLE] Thoughts on PjD's Offline World Editor

From: Brandon Allen (
Date: 12/31/00

 > I apologize for asking dumb questions and sounding snooty...I'll learn
 > this MUD stuff, eventually.

 the only dumb question is the one that is unasked. the question i would ask
you is
did you learn anythign ot walk away with a better understanding of circlemud
the conversation going on here that was relative to circlemud development.

 i am assumeing yes you did

 > And since I have nothing substantive to add to the thread I'll quit
 > it.  Hope you guys figure it out.  Sounds cool.

 i would not put it that way .. i to also had a slight misunderstanding of
 the project was after as far as off / on line building. so it may have
 up the confusion for more than just you. and now that you understand the
 idea maybe you can in the future add an idea or wizdom to the list on that

 we are here to learn. from what i have gathered the only time anyone gets
 upset and is thretened that they will be removed is when they are being an
 id10t. and asking questions like " who wants to start a D&D game."


 now as i was going to ask.

 does anyone know how i would go about adding ssh to my mud? i want secure
 connections to my mud due to the face that we have MANNY local players
 hooked DIRECTLY to the network here that play from time to time.
 ( this is lanparty central ) the network is switched but i am still freaked

 i dont want to switch the whole mud over to ssh just maby add another
 socket to connect to / and or has anyone ever tryed to have more than
 one open  socket to there mud  as this is where i must start to even begin.
 and this socket is playable just like the 4000 ( stock socket) socket?

 anyone have any ideas. and am i the first person to bring this up.

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