SSH & Muds (Was Re: [CIRCLE] Thoughts on PjD's Offline World Editor)

From: Chris Maniar (
Date: 12/31/00

You can tunnel ssh through almost anything. I had set this up at one
stage, but I can't remember off hand how to do it. I have vague memories
of doing a script to accept connections on one port, and tunnel it through
ssh to the mud port. Basically like a proxy. I know that it didn't take
more than 15 minutes to do (and didn't involve any modification to the mud
code). The reason I didn't use it in the end was because, like any proxy,
a players hostname came up as the proxy (i.e. localhost) rather than their
actual address.

Hope this helps.

 On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Brandon Allen wrote:

>  does anyone know how i would go about adding ssh to my mud? i want secure
>  connections to my mud due to the face that we have MANNY local players
>  hooked DIRECTLY to the network here that play from time to time.
>  ( this is lanparty central ) the network is switched but i am still freaked
>  ...
>  i dont want to switch the whole mud over to ssh just maby add another
>  socket to connect to / and or has anyone ever tryed to have more than
>  one open  socket to there mud  as this is where i must start to even begin.
>  and this socket is playable just like the 4000 ( stock socket) socket?
>  anyone have any ideas. and am i the first person to bring this up.
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