[NEWBIE] Stupid Question

From: Chris DePaola (SmokEater952@aol.com)
Date: 12/31/00

I have recently taken admin control of an established mud. That is up now for
Four Years with a decent size player base. For most changes I have made, I
have been able to find adequate documentation so that I felt comforatable
making the changes to the code or adding things like socials. However one
subject I have not really seen much if any doc's on is creating new zones. I
have several zones that I need to delete and recreate but I am nervous about
deleting and recreating as I dont know what files need to be made or info
they may need for initial start up. And help on this would be appreciated or
if you can point me to the location that this info, such as docs on the
subject might be contained. Thanks and hope to soon be off the newbie subject
and on to bigger and better.


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