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Date: 12/31/00

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From: "Chris DePaola" <>
> making the changes to the code or adding things like socials. However one
> subject I have not really seen much if any doc's on is creating new zones.
> have several zones that I need to delete and recreate but I am nervous
> deleting and recreating as I dont know what files need to be made or info
> they may need for initial start up. And help on this would be appreciated
> if you can point me to the location that this info, such as docs on the
> subject might be contained. Thanks and hope to soon be off the newbie
> and on to bigger and better.

Well, there a couple of things to consider when you remove a zone:
    1) Will players have items from the zone stored on them?
    2) Are items from the zone being loaded outside the zone?
    3) If players return where they last logged off, is there the chance
        that the person will log back in to the now nonexisting room?

Ideally you will only have to deal with number 1, not number 2. There should
checks against 1 and 3 in the code (ie., loading to the default startroom if
the saved startroom for the player is non-existing, etc.) but case number 2
cause you lots of errors, if it even lets you boot.

If you have the zone-flags patch installed and working fully, and you're
closing the zone for a revamp, not deleting it entirely, you can tag the
as closed, delete the entrances into the zone, and go about re-structuring
the inside without worrying about people wandering/teleporting in.

Hunt down and remove any of the things which may be loading outside the
zone.  If you don't, and you try to boot, it will thow up errors that you'll
have to
grep through the files for the vnums it gives you and remove them.

If you're deleting the zone entirely, and you think you've gotten
you need to remove it from the index file in your world directory for zones
(and .wld files index, .obj files index, mob files index, etc. etc.)

Hope that helps catch some of the potential pitfalls, I know I read all this
somewhere, but I can't find where that was. There are a few posts in the
archives about zone removal that you can reference as well.


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