Re: [NEWBIE] Zone Removal (was Stupid Question)

From: Chris DePaola (
Date: 12/31/00

Ok, that does help and gives me some things to think about before complete
removal of a few of the zones I want out. Basically, areas we gave to mortal
builders at one point, that never got completed.

Anyone who can help me with how to add in a new zone, that help also would be
greatly appreciated. I am using oasis, if that makes a difference. I have
printed nearly every doc on the FTP and I am digging through them now, but
that is nearly 500 pages of documentation that so far I dont see much on how
to add a zone. That is what files, info, etc are needed. I assume I have to
make an empty world,zone,mob,obj file for my new zone number and add them to
the list. But does anything need to go into each of the files? Sorry about
these very easy questions. Just very new to this and learning on the fly with
a live game. So I get nervous.. Quickly...


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