[BUG]Bug in stock do_quit

From: Peter Ajamian (peter@pajamian.dhs.org)
Date: 01/01/01

I checked this out in stock bpl17 to make sure it wasn't something that
cropped up in a patch or snippet I added...

in act.other.c at the end of the funtion do_quit...

    extract_char(ch);           /* Char is saved in extract char */

    /* If someone is quitting in their house, let them load back here */
    if (ROOM_FLAGGED(loadroom, ROOM_HOUSE))
      save_char(ch, loadroom);

Here's the problem...

extract_char calls free_char(ch) which in turn calls free(ch).

after ch has been freed you are referencing it (an invalid area of
memory) in save_char.

I wish I could come up with a solution which would accomplish the same
thing, but I am at a relative loss right now, but at least the bug is
identified..  Could be pretty serious, possible seg fault.

Regards, Peter

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